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Scioto Valley Little League / Scioto Valley Youth League History

In mid-April of 1961, a group of 15 men took over a field full of rocks and cornstalk stubble that was located on Douglas Avenue. This group of men were the managers and officers of the Scioto Valley Little League. This cornfield was converted into baseball diamonds in five short weeks. Only three days before Opening Day, they realized there were no toilet facilities. They completed the bathrooms a half hour prior to the first game. This field was known as the Scioto Valley Little League Park until the early 1970's. 

In the early 1970's, the league became known as the Scioto Valley Youth League and the park consisted of the land on which the A and B diamonds and flag football field is located. At that time, the city owned the rest of the land which is now part of the park. The Davon Corporation (parent company of Basic, now the Wells Group) then traded a prime piece of property that the city wanted in exchange for the land on which the Scioto Valley Youth League was located and the land where the VFW and American Legion now play ball. Davon Corporation then gave the park back to the city with the stipulation that the Scioto Valley Youth League would have a lifetime lease of the park. Davon Corporation asked only to retain the right to name the park. 

In 1973, Mary Lou Patton Park was named after the late wife of Robert Patton (chairman of the board of Davon Corporation) and the mother of Buck Patton (president of the board of Davon Corporation). Without these gentlemen's generous contributions to the Scioto Valley Youth League, we would not have the beautiful park today. 

Judge Gerald Radcliffe served as legal council and established the incorporation, by-laws and legal structure of the league. Zeb Ginther was the first President of the League. Ruby Jenkins served as the first Vice President and Baseball Commissioner of the League. Other first officers were:

Roy Kyle (Treasurer)

Bill Sullivan (Secretary, Manager of the Merchants)

Tom Congrove (Manager of the Merchants)

Ellwyn McCollister (Manager of Businessmen)

Forna Duffy (Manager of Oil and Battery)

James Pritchard (Manager of Independent Merchants)

Gary Weaver (Manager of Kinnicknnick)

Calvin Seitz (Manager of Allensville)

John Bennett (Manager of Henness Builders)

Harry Bossert (Manager of Frankfort)

Marvin Francis / James Johnston (Managers of Richmonddale)

David Dixon (Manager of Chillicothe Manor)

Darrell Stanley / Raymond Poole (Managers of Londonderry)

Roy Bartlett (First Umpire)

Original Teams (1961)

Blue Division

Waverly Jaycees (1961 only)

Businessmen (1961 only)

Independent Merchants


Oil & Battery (1962)

Allensville (1962)

Henness Builders (1962)


2001 Teams

Division I


Wendys / Merchants


Sports Plus


Ross County Associates

Current Teams

Adena (formerly Frankfort)

Chaos (formerly Bulldogs)


Dragons (formerly Frisches)


Graphics (formerly Sports Plus)






State Farm

*original organization in 1961

Gray Division

Chillicothe Merchants



Chillicothe Manor

Kinnikinnick (1962)


Division II





Ohio Valley Sports Med.


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