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General Overview : The league is being created to establish a middle school league
for non-sanctioned middle school “club” baseball teams to participate in. The league will be a 13U/14U league.


2022 Senior League Rules

13U/14U Division Rules
● OHSAA Rules (including Pitch Counts) If a player is in high school, they must pitch from 60
foot 6 inch rubber., junior high players may pitch from 54 foot rubber if they so choose..
● 1 Balk warning per team per game
● Drop 3 for players in high school, drop 3 or 5 for junior high age players
● Bats must be 2 ⅝
● DH, EH, or Bat Roster
● 7 inning game or 2 hour time limit (unless shorter games agreed upon by both head coaches
BEFORE games begin)

Other Information:
● Teams will pay umpires at the plate. Umpire fees are $50 an umpire per game. Teams will split umpire costs. Game balls will be provided.

● The league fee will be $450. This fee is to cover costs of maintaining fields, electric, trash, and restroom facilities.
● Individual player signups at $65 per player.


Dean Brown 740.466.4874

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